Free PowerPoint Tips to Get You Ready for Your Presentation

design tips for powerpoint slidesComing up with a PowerPoint presentation can be critical for some people. For instance, a businessman needs to present to potential investors or a student is asked to report in front of the class with the use of PowerPoint to get a passing grade. Good thing there are free PowerPoint tips to help out.

Here are some free  powerpoint templates by  slideshop :

  1. Make it simple

PowerPoint makes use of slides with a “Landscape” orientation. The purpose why the software was created was to make it more convenient for the speaker to display graphical data to support his messages.  The star of the presentation was meant to be the audience and not the slides themselves. The audience is there to listen to you and learn from you.

Don’t allow your messages or your ability to communicate get disrupted by slides that are unnecessarily complex or full of useless information. Everything in your slide should be essential.

  1. Use as Few Bullet Point and Text as Possible

The purpose of your presentation is to let the audience gain something from it. However if you use too many bullet points, you’ll end up boring the audience and so they learn very little. This leads to the next subject which is the use of text.  The best slides may not contain text at all. Although this may sound crazy provided the dependency of text slides at present, however the best slides should be insignificant devoid of narration from you. Take note that slides are intended to support the speaker.

3.         Avoid applying too many transitions and animations

Take heed when applying animations and slide transitions. Bullets are also a form of animation which should not be animated on each slide. Try to be subtle and professional when using animation, just as you would observe on the evening news broadcast on TV.

A simple “Wipe Left-to-Right” will do for a bullet point. Avoid using “Move” or “Fly” animations as they appear tedious and slow. You will surely get your audience bored if you have to let them bear slide after slide of animation. For slide transitions, only use a maximum of three different kinds of animation effects. Do not apply effects between all slides.

These are only some of the basics of creating PowerPoint presentations. Hope you find these free PowerPoint tips helpful!